We offer:

  • Legal assistance in maintaining corporate governance

  • Legal views and advice

  • Legal safeguards for negotiating processes

  • Preparing contracts, agreements and letters

  • Representation in court disputes and administration proceedings

  • Support in optimisation projects

  • Legal assistance in investment processes

  • Training for management boards and lower level staff

We know that the organisational achievements of foreign-invested companies, deriving from adopted work culture, is absolutely precious for them. We respect differences in governance models by adapting to the internal operating rules of an enterprise. When providing legal services to a corporation, we put emphasis on team work led by one leader. It enables a broad view of a legal problem but it does not blur the responsibility for decisions being made and activates instant responsiveness.
In legal analysis – if needed – recommendations are accompanied by the calculation of risks and costs.
Cooperating with certified attorneys from other cities and countries, we can guarantee legal assistance notwithstanding the whatsoever borders.
Thanks to our flexibility, we have already had many years of experience in providing services to foreign invested companies, especially in Scandinavia, France, the USA, Germany and Arabia