Legeon is a law firm specialising in business law. It was established in 2018 by its founder Tomasz Kirstajn, a Polish barrister with over a decade of experience.

Our team has counselled and provided legal advice to all types of businesses, both in the services and manufacturing industries. We understand what impact the legal environment can have on functioning of a business. We have experience working with large corporates as well as small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) and we understand how important it is to quickly adjust their functioning to the current (sometimes rapidly changing) legal landscape and how the changes in the law can impact the strategy of a business. This is why, apart from the high quality of legal advice we provide, we are characterised by good understanding of our clients’ needs. When advising in crisis situations and litigation scenarios – whenever possible – we put specific emphasis on and effort into maintaining and deepening the business relationships of our clients, as opposed to breaking them. That is why we deliver legal advice which is pragmatic and allows our clients to succeed and prosper.

We get engaged in the matters run by us and often provide innovative solutions. We put emphasis on a strong relationship based on trust. We respond quickly and within our clients’ deadlines.

What sets us apart from others is the full service approach we offer, all within the same law firm – we provide legal advice, offer training, negotiate settlements and represent our clients in litigation, we advise on corporate governance and improve legal set ups of our clients to more advanced ones. We maintain close cooperation with business support organisations which allows us to further support our clients.

Legeon’s mission is to provide pragmatic legal solutions to business clients whilst maintaining highest professional standards applicable to their industry.

Legeon’s goal as a law firm is to provide continuous legal and business service to our clients in order for them to prosper.



We know that all matters we get instructed on are based on trust. We therefore feel responsible for what we do and in what direction we take the matters we are entrusted with. We always act in complete confidence and are guided by professional and ethical values of the attorneys-at-law and solicitors/legal advisors profession. We respect our clients’ choices and ensure they are always equipped in best information about benefits and risks of their proposed cause of action.


Legal landscape, similarly to our clients’ business, changes currently with an incredibly fast tempo. We therefore continuously improve our knowledge of the law and skills, to ensure we effectively face every day challenges. Our team members specialise in their preferred areas of law which they have chosen themselves. This ensures both professionalism and effectiveness of our actions.


We are convinced that a good working relationship with our clients is based on building rapport. That is why we put a lot of effort into networking and getting to know our clients well. We put particular emphasis on prompt and effective communication, whilst employing modern organizational tools. We believe that even the best solo player stands to benefit by playing a team. Within our law firm we respect each other’s individuality whilst ensuring we work effectively as a team, share know-how and knowledge and support each other.


Thanks to our legal knowledge and strong relationships with our clients, we always aim to horizon scan and anticipate and advise on any potential problems proactively. This approach supports streamlining of business, protection from risks, and in long term perspective brings savings and allows loss avoidance. We use modern technologies to ensure prompt responses to our clients’ requests and to maintain availability.


We care about our local community – we try to react and fulfil its needs through providing appropriate support. We get involved in pro bono work and educational projects (including for children and teenagers) by promoting the need to obey the law and maintain ethical values. Through our activities we contribute to maintenance of property and free market economy by way of proper use and improving of applicable law.